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I gave them 100%, not because each of the 6 categories was perfect, but because the overall experience has been amazing, mostly because the lady is so warm and welcoming and makes us feel at home. The breakfast is great. Most important for us we have a great wifi connection in our room. And our room is practically overhanging the sea. So we've extended our 2 nights to about a week. If you're coming from Dubrovnik by bus, there must be a better way than going to Split first (1.5 hour detour).

Anonymous, 01th Nov 2010, Canada


hostel adria is great, it is worth a visit. it's outside of split, 30min by bus, but worth it though it is directly layed at the ocean. when you speak german, it is easy to deal with the grandmother, because the family lived in germany for a while.if not, she calls her granddaughter for any questions, so she tells you in english. the stay was even better cause we could help the family olive picking and had a great bbq later. we can definitely recommend this place to everybody!

eddaklicks1449, 19th Oct 2010, Germany


A great cozy place to stay, the staff are way too nice, always smiling. The place is absolutely clean, everything looks new and well equipped. The ocean is in front of the reception and just across the street from the rooms. 100% recomended.

Natalia, 15th July 2010


We had a very relaxed time here. Staff was very friendly and helpful! The location was a bit out of town as stated on hostelworld, however beaches were close to here and bus stops. Had an awesome time and would recommend it to everyone!

Lisa, 27th June 2010


The Hostel is literally by the beach. Sonya is great. The rooms are new and clean. Great common room to meet other travellers. Overall I had a great time and would def comeback again

Clarissa, 19th June 2010


I have nothing bad to say about this place. It's a little way from Split on the bus, but you wouldn't really want to stay in Split anyway. Run by a beautiful family who really looked after us while we were there. Would stay again in a heartbeat.

Steve, Australia | Male 18-24 | 27th October 2009


Definitely the best hostel i ever stayed at. Mira is the best cook in all croatia (Ohrstöpsel). Everyone was really helpful and hospitable. Special thanks to Milan for bringing us to Split, so we could go to Mostar. Nikola (Nicolai) is really an attraction ;). Everyone should come and visit us in the north, we would be really happy to see you again! We will come back... for sure! This is for Ante: Ej was geht ab? Liebe Grüße und noch mal vielen Dank, Steffi und Sören

Steffi, Germany | Couple 18-24 | 26th October 2009


Fantastic. Real hospitality. Very generous hosts. Spacious rooms, great common area, excellent internet. We enjoyed a couple of great bbqs together with the family's wine, local grappa and vegetables from the garden. The sea is at the door. You'd be nuts to stay anywhere else.

Adrian, Australia | | 08th August 2009


This hostel is freaking paradise! I have been traveling around for a while and there's no hostel to compare with Adria. You are welcomed with open arms, the place got that "home-feeling", and once you get here you don't want to leave. This is definitely the place to stay while in Croatia!

robinfrostensson8317, Sweden | Male 18-24 | 10th August 2009


adria hostel

Attractions in Omis, Croatia

You can get from the Hostel Adria to the little resort town of Omis in 20 minutes. Omis has a few old sights and buildings. The most popular of them are:

• Church of St Euphemia by the coast on Brzet, from the early 6th century
• Fortress Mirabella (Peovica) from the 13th century
• Fortress Starigrad (Fortica) from the 15th century
• Renaissance church of the Holy Spirit from the 15th century
• Old cemetery, the 16th century or 17th century
• Parochial church from the 17th century
• Franciscan Monastery on Skalice from the 18th century

The Renaissance Church of St Michael (Sv Mihovil) is a home to a 13th Century wooden cross, and the 16th Century Oratory of the Holy Spirit. (Sv Duh) is famous for a painting by Palma il Giovane.

But Omis is also a good base for the backpackers who want to explore the surroundings, including the town of Centina Gorge. In the past, this town was famous as the residence of the Corsairs , who sailed along the coast and on the Cetina River in their special ships called Sagittas.

Active tourists with extreme sporting preferences will find possibility for a good recreation in Omis.


Cycling in Omis

The road from Omis to Radmanove Mlinice is usually very popular among the byciclists of different experience. Experienced bicyclists often choose the route from Omis to Radmanove Mlinice, Kucici, Zadvarje, Sestanovac, Blato and Gata. For the way back they usually use the other bank of the river (about 60 km).

Climbing the rocks in Omis


European rock climbers call Omis “the Croatian Chamoneix” due to its 46 equipped recreational courses and overall popularity as one of the leading European climbing sites. Omis is estimated as a potentially pan-European climbing center. The cliffs of Omis offer the climbers unforgettable and inexhaustible experiences.

According to seasoned European rock climbers, Omis may soon become the principal meeting place not only for Croatian, but European rock climbers in general.


Kayaking and rafting in Omis

Beginners can take a raft ride down the Cetina River from Cikotina Lada to Blato (about 10 km). More experienced rafters can enjoy the 10-km stretch through a narrow and high canyon from Blato to Zadvarje that can only be traversed by kayak.


Hiking in Omis

To the beginners we recommend the Omis-Baucici trail to Stari Grad (the old fortress). This trail will take you about an hour and you will also need 20 additional minutes for the way down to Planovo. Here you can enjoy an excellent view of the Cetina canyon, the central Dalmatian islands and Omis. Experienced hikers often choose the Omis-Cecurci-Imber trail that takes about 90 minutes. We recommend to take your way back on the other side, through Podaspilje to the Cetina canyon.



Omis is very popular among hang-gliders and paragliders because some sort of wind is always there. At an elevation of 380 meters on the Omis fork of the Dinaric mountains there is a grassy slope that is a good starting point. Average time of staying aloft is about two or three hours. The safest and the most frequently used site for landing is the town beach.



If you are looking for an opportunity to take your first dive, Omis is the perfect place for you. Several diving clubs in Omis offer courses for beginner divers. Experienced divers can use the night-time dive offers. Divers normally go down to 15-meter depth. In the Cetina canyon they often dive down to the remains of David’s Bridge and Mostina, a former stone embankment made by the local pirates to ground enemy ships. The wreck of a former merchant ship lies at a depth of twenty meters. If you go deeper, to thirty meters, you will discover the last resting ground of ancient amphorae. Tough divers are, of course, attracted by Vruja – the undersea abyss that has numerous caves that are explored to depths of about 100 meters. Many underwater caves and overhangs along the coast line, as well as diverse plant and animal life attract more and more divers every year.



If you want to know more about Croatian culture, come to Omis in July, when Omis is host to the Dalmatinska Klapa Festival. Klapa is the traditional Dalmatian music. The word klapa translates as "a group of people", its etymology roots down to littoral church singing. The motifs in general celebrate love, wine (grapes), country (homeland) and sea. Main elements of the music are harmony and melody, with rhythm very rarely being very important. Although klapa is a Capella music, on occasion it is possible to add a gentle guitar and a mandolin. Although it is an old classic style of singing, Klapa is very popular among modern young Croats. You should not be surprised if you happen to hear amateur klapa singing on the streets in the evenings over some food and wine.