Hostel Adria Facilities & Services

• Cheap Airport Pick Up

If our guests take their first visit to Croatia we are happy to help them with getting to the hostel. Our driver picks passengers up a the airport. Attention! In order to avoid misunderstandings please be sure that you have received our confirmation e-mail with the details about the car and the driver. Please be aware that we will extra charge you this service.

• English-Speaking Staff

Our staff speaks English, you will not have problems with communication.

• Reception open till 9 PM

Our reception is open until 9 PM 7 days a week.

• Tours Desk

Travelling is much easier when you know all available opportunities.

• Free PC Use

Our guests can freely use the PCs in Hostel Adria. The PCs are connected to the internet.

• Internet Access Free Of Charge

As our guest you will have a free access to the internet.

• WiFi And Ethernet In Lobby And In The Rooms

For those our guests who have the WiFi-capable devices, WiFi-access is provided in the rooms and in lobby. Internet-access is also possible over the Ethernet-interface.

• TV lounge

If a rainy day happens, you can stay at the hostel and watch your favorite TV-Show. TV lounge is spacious and cozy enough.

• Cable and Satellite TV

We offer over 100 TV-Channels in the Croatian, English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian languages.

• DVD-Player And DVD Library

Just in case if you are not a big TV-show-fan you can find a movie to your liking at our DVD-library and watch it in our TV-lounge.

• Common Room

Our common room is spacious and cozy. We try to let all our guests feel at home.

• Games Room

While adult guests will definitely find the way to spend time at the Hostel Adria, children need their own place. Specially for them we have created a games room.

• 24 Hour Hot Showers

Hot showers are there for you 24 hours, 7 days a week.

• Linen Included

Bed linen is available without extra charge to our guests.

• Free Hand Towels

Of course, we do not extra charge our guests for hand towels.

• Free Shower Towels

Shower towels are provided at no cost either.

• Free Beach Towels

Beach towels occupy much place in the luggage. We understand how inconvenient it can be to backpack everything that might be needed. We will spare you the need to bring the beach towels with you – you can use our beach towels that are always clean and fresh.

• Luggage Storage And Security Lockers

Luggage storage is an important part of our service that we take care of.  You can leave your important luggage items in our security lockers. They are big enough.

• 24H Tea/Coffee Making Facilities

Many people like to drink their late-night tea or coffee at home. Why should it be impossible when you are away? Hostel Adria is the place where you can drink tea or coffee any time you like.

• Guest Kitchen (with a dish washer, cooker and utensils)

You can spare some money by cooking at our guest kitchen. Sometimes, when travelling on a tight budget, expenses on eating outside can be very sensitive. We want to give you an opportunity to spare some extra money.

• Refridgerator

We do not charge extra fee for kitchen or refridgerator usage.

• Washing Machine/Dryer

Our guests can use washing machine and dryer for free.

• Hairdryer For Hires

We let our guests use hairdryers for a low fee.

• Iron/Ironing Board

Iron and ironing board are here to let our guests take care of their clothes.

• Library

Readers are always welcome in our English- and German-language library. It is not very big, but we do our best not to disappoint you. And if you happen to have an interesting book that you no longer need, we would be happy to accept it as a gift for our collection.

• Reading Light

Reading late in the evening can cause inconveniences among the other guests in the room. In order to avoid any inconveniences we have installed reading lights in all the rooms.

• Clock Radio Alarm

In order not to stand up too late you can use the clock radio alarm.

• BBQ Area (till 10pm)

Barbecue can make your stay more enjoyable. Every day until 23:00 you can enjoy a barbecue at our barbecue area.

• Outdoor Terraced Area

Sitting outside and enjoying a cup of tea, watching the waves of the Adriatic sea and enjoying fresh air- exactly what our outdoor terraced area has been designed for.

• Bike Parking

Bike parking spot at the Hostel Adria will help you be sure that your bicycle is at the safe place.

• No Curfew, No Lock Out

We have no curfew – you can enter and leave any time that you like.

• All Taxes Included In Price

We do not create unpleasant surprises for our guests, you will not have to pay more than was declared.


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