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Discover the Charm of Bajnice with Hostel Adria

Welcome to Bajnice, a small and peaceful village situated on the stunning Adriatic coast near Split, Croatia. Hostel Adria is located in this cozy village near the main coastal road between Split and Omiš, about 12 km south of Split.

Hostel AdriaWhether you’re traveling by bus, car, or plane, this guide will help you navigate your way to Hostel Adria and make the most of your stay. For your convenience, you can download the complete location plan as a PDF using the link below.

1. Information about Bajnice / Travel by Bus

Bajnice is a small and peaceful village situated on the Adriatic coast near Split in Croatia. The name Bajnice (bai-nee-sah) is derived from the Croatian word “bajno” which means fabulous and as such, Bajnice just is a fabulous place to pay a visit.

The village of Bajnice is not well known even among the people who live in its near vicinity. So please be attentive when you are on your way.

You can reach Bajnice from Split or Omiš by bus; the number of the Split – Omiš bus line is “60” (destination: Omis) and the fee charges 16 Kuna. The bus station, that you will have to get off, is named Bajnice and it is only 20 meters away from our hostel.

Unfortunately, there is no place name sign at the entrance to Bajnice, nor is a similar sign stating the name of the bus station. (The last place name sign you will pass on your way to Bajnice is the exit sign of “Podstrana” – after you have passed that sign, the next village you will reach is the village of Bajnice.) It might also be advisable to simply ask the driver or one of the passengers to give you a hint on where to get off.

Driving time is about 25 minutes from Split to Bajnice, depending on the number of halts at previous stations. For more details on how to find the bus station in Split also see “5. Bus Station in Split/ Travel by plane.”

Travel by bus:

  • Take bus line “60” if you come from Split or Omiš to Bajnice.
  • The name of the bus station is Bajnice.
  • The bus fee is 16 Kuna and driving time is about 25 min.

On the Map: There are two small ports for wooden, old-style ships at each entrance of Bajnice.
Link to Google Maps

2. The Way from Split to Bajnice

The easiest way to reach Bajnice is to travel by car or by bus. If you are coming from the direction of Split (West), you should drive about 12 kilometers along the main road, when a small port will come into view on your right-hand side.

It’s quite unique with its old-style, wooden ships (about 20 to 30 m long) lying on the water, so you should not mix it up with some other port.

After having passed our little port, you will enter Bajnice.

  • Drive 12 km along the main road and you will see a small port.
  • After the port, you are in Bajnice.

On the Map: You can see the main road and the small port with wooden ships in this picture.
Link to Google Maps

3. The Way from Omiš to Bajnice

If you are coming from the direction of Omiš (East) you should drive about 9 kilometers along the main road until you reach a slightly bigger port with old-style, wooden ships lying on the water on your left-hand side.

After having passed the port you will enter a large curve turning right, which will lead you directly into Bajnice.

  • Drive 9 km along the main road and you will see a port with wooden ships.
  • After the port, you are in Bajnice.

On the Map: You can see the road with the large curve and the small port. After that, you are in Bajnice.
Link to Google Maps

4. When You Are in Bajnice / Hostel Adria

After having entered the village of Bajnice, please stop at the next bus station. Cross the street and walk about 20 meters in the Omiš direction (East).

You are now in front of Hostel Adria!

Once you have found our hostel, please visit the reception to check-in. As you can see in the pictures below, the reception is located downstairs on the other side of the road. Breakfast will be served here.

On the Map: You can see our hostel and the reception.
Link to Google Maps

5. Bus Station in Split / Travel by Plane

If you have come to Split by train, leave the train station and keep to the right (as shown in the pictures below). Follow the road to its end and turn right again. A bus stop of bus no. “60” will be right ahead.

If you have come to Split by plane, the airport bus will take you to town and drop you off near the harbor. Now if you turn around you should see a market, follow the road to the left and you will come to an intersection with a bus stop. Please refer to the map below for more details.

The bus to Bajnice is the local Split-Omiš bus no. 60 (destination: Omiš). The fee is 16 Kuna and driving time takes about 25 minutes.

For more details on how to find our hostel once you have reached Bajnice, see “4. When you are in Bajnice / Hostel Adria”.

We wish you a nice journey!

On the Map: You can see the plan where you find the train and bus station in Split.

For any assistance, feel free to contact:

  • Sanja Katic: +385 911 93 07 22
  • Nikola Katic: +49 711 230 94 22

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